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Do You Play Anno 2070?
I don't suppose any of my friends play Anno 2070 huh? I'd like to play the new Conquest mode with some friends.

Due to a bank error in my favor, I have four invites to the beta of Super Monday Night Combat on Steam. Does anybody want one?

Orcs Must Die 2
Well, I dunno if any of you liked Orcs Must Die! as much as I did. Well, Orcs Must Die! 2 has been announced, and this time, there's Multiplayer.

So, I'mma have to wrangle some of my friends into it. <3

You can play as either the War Mage or the Sorceress, and I think it's the same Sorceress from the first one. No explanation yet what the story will be; the story from the first game ended on an awfully final note, so it's tough to say, but there's nothing stopping them from unfinalizing it. ^.^

Anyways it looks great. More monsters, more traps, more levels, multiplayer, this summer!

Sim City 5 Simulation Details
Shut Up and Take My Money!

Gundam Simulator
When I was a little kid, This is what I thought the future of gaming would be like.

Well, I thought that the 'cockpit' would have integrated controls and readouts instead of having them be part of the screen, and I thought it would be Mechwarrior, but damn, this Gundam simulator is more like Mechwarrior than any Gundam game I've ever seen.

Anywho yeah, with head tracking this sort of thing is extra awesome. You could even make it with 'windows' that look real, if you wanted to go the extra mile.

I always figured there'd be arcades full of a couple dozen cockpits like this, and you'd rent them for parties and things like laser tag or paintball. Well, that future isn't exactly here yet, but it's nice to see them taking steps towards it.

Review: Fable3 - PC
Fable 3 - PC

You know the fable series of games has to be one of the few list of game titles that I harbor a set of love/hate feeling toward that so far none of the games have managed to quell. Fable 3 is no exception, in fact it only proves the fact that so far instead of taking complaints leveled against the game from the off you know and correcting them, someone at Lionhead thought that it would be only too good an idea to make them more pronounced and all the more apparent, and while they where at it just add more problems to the list just for good measure.

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Fuck this game, and fuck the Fable franchise! I am only listing off some of my moans at this game, but in short it can be summed up by the fact that it’s too easy, too short and way too messy despite having the taints of a AAA masterpiece.

Oh and as for Peter Monlyneux, I am sure that the guy is trying to be the George Lucas of the gaming world. A man who once made things we loved and all time classics is now turning out shite and obsessively trying to shove things that we don’t care about.

The good, the bad, and the ugly.

The good.

Very easy to pick up and play.

Fairly well written dialog.

AAA UK voice cast.

Likable and original fantasy setting.

Quite funny in places.

The bad.

Everything else...

Too easy.

Too short.

Still too easy to make too much cash.

Poor plot in the third half.

The ugly

Everything that was wrong with Fable 2 is now worse!

The totally simplified and shallow upgrade system

The minigames that are all the same thing.

The vapid features (marriage NPC interaction).

Being king is all binary crap.

Some unwanted political satire.

Combat is still too simple and you are way too powerful at the start.

Still buggy.

Very ugly graphics for a PC game.

And much much more!

Final verdict.

2 Rude garden gnomes out of 5

Possibly inaccurate gaming predictions 2011: PT1
Mathiz curious
Ok this is really something of a special before I start to do these things once a month for real, but anyway what could be a better way to kick things off than with a small look at the year ahead for each of the three big names in the world of gaming. Oh and seeing that the spotlight will be on them for a good chunk of this year, and certainly when it gets round to E3 time what better way to start then to look at....


TL:DR version under the cutCollapse )
short version.

3DS will continue to suffer over the next 12 to 18 months, due to competition, indifference and consumers holding out for the improved next version.

Wii U will be initially successful, but might get pounded 3 years along the line when bigger and better things come along, with Hard Drives.

Gaming resolutions 2011
Going to keep this quick since I have other things to talk about but this is still the new year and time for resolutions. I have made three for gaming this year.

1.Get a PS 3

I admit that the ps3 was a the bottom of the list of consoles of this generation for me to own for two reasons. One a poor view on Sony on my part and a stupid price tag for the system (not to mention that for the long time all it had was games already available on the 360.

That said a recent run of good exclusives & the odd superior version means more that ever I am compelled to look into the format.

2. Upgrade PC

My PC has done well for a system that is now two and a half years old*, and only had a few video card changes along the way. However in places it is slowly starting to look a little long in the tooth, mostly on the processor and memory front (it's still a 32bit system).

Will look at getting a i5 or i7 grade system overhaul at some time this year. More so before windows 8 (yuck!) arrives.

3. Do a monthly or bi monthly editorial on LJ / Gamingfurs.

I didn't review that many games last year, and I wish that I did but I got very overwhelmed by the shear number of games to play or AAA titles that came out.

Even if I don't get to review a game then it's still a chance for me to put out an opinion on something that is going on in the world of gaming, or some of the big titles or events. There was too much that I missed out on during 2011 and frankly I don't want to do that again.

My best games of 2011 (inc. personal GOTY)
Mathiz curious
Now I have to admit that this list was a lot harder to write than the list of worst game. It's not that I am hash critic that takes pleasure in ripping horrid games apart, but simply these games where all very much on the level, excellent bar none but at at the same time just fall short of being outright classics. After some long and hard thought on the subject I have put the best four in some order. That said we have to start with....

Honorable mention.


OK I will admit that I've been unfair to the elder scrolls games. I do recall Arena and dagger fall getting hammered back in the day, and I really didn't take to morrowind. That said due to the steam sale I did try and enjoyed Oblivion, and Skyrim should be on par if not exceed that. However as of writing my collectors Skyrim is still boxed and sitting in my room, and putting it on a best of list would be a bit unfair to say the least, even if it would rock the list below.

And now the list....

4. Deus EX: Human revolution.

I know that I will take flack for putting this at the on five position, however it is at personal choice and honestly on reflection it is the deserved position. You see while the game was very good well constructed, and had an excellent thought provoking story it also fell in the shadow of the first game that while dated was still by far more epic in scope. Also the first game got the multiple solution to every problem thing right while this game options at time are limited, and despite the advertising you had to play through the game via the adaptive path or be boned by some bosses or game sections.

It's a shame as I enjoyed the game from the start to its finish.

3. LA Noire

This goes straight over the top of Deus EX just on the count that it was so original. This game was much more than a GTA in fedora hats, this was the return of the adventure game, repackaged and rethought for this current generation of games. LA Norie had an amazing story, acting (the game was fully motion captured), and very original gameplay. I was engrossed in the game from start to finished, so why is it only #4 on my list?

While the game is original enough to be much higher the touted interrogation sections where too easy, the story did end on a slight downer, and yes I am well aware of the problems behind the scenes with the games lead being a total cock, the uncredited members of the dev team, and yes the sad closure of team bondi as a result.

However you should still play this game if you haven't already.

2: Portal 2

I lost sleep waiting for this game to come out and I got up at 5am in the morning just to play it following it's surprise and original release on steam. Oh and it was worth it so worth it.

Everything was and is better than the game that I played back in 2008, and it's not often that a sequel now manages to do that. Oh and the extended story twisted and turned so much it was really enjoyable, which is amazing considering that this is really a puzzle game at heart.

I have to admit that I haven't played much of the multiplayer but what little I have shows a commitment to ideas & innovation. Which is more than can be said about other previously single player games that have had multiplayer modes tacked on at the whim of marketing men (bioshock 2 & AC brotherhood I am looking at you).

1: Batman Arkham city

I got pumped for this, and it delivered. A far bigger and better experience than Arkham asylum even if some of the very minor faults weren't corrected. It's also the best sandbox game that I've ever played with lots to do and lots to explore while never straying too far from the plot. My only real gripe was that they over egged the villains roster so much that even some of the main characters, ones that where promised for this game only got cameo appearances.

Still I was gripped in the same way that the first game did two years back, and that is no bad thing.

So Batman Arkham city is my game of the .....

Wait one second!Collapse )

My worst games of 2011
Mathiz curious
Everyone is doing their best’s and worst’s for the year in games, I am no exception. I think with everything though it’s best to get the shit out the way first before we crawl into the good stuff and roll around in it have to wade through the shit

Dishonourable mentions.

Call of Juarez: The cartel

Now I will admit I didn’t play this game but from what I heard it was bad and broken enough to possibly pip the second or third slot. Hell the game just looked like crap from the footage that I saw, with dated graphics, stiff looking gameplay and animation that was all very much on the wonk.

Now as I didn’t play the game I couldn’t really include it in the top three, but at the same time that this steaming turd pile hit shelves for console users the previous game in the series, Bound in blood went on sale on steam for a meager £2.50, the price of a good pint in a weatherspoons pub.

And it was fucking awesome for such a small an asking price! Yeah the graphics where dated but the gameplay was spot on (with a few orginal twists), and the story was gripping until the end. So to know that it’s (at the time) knowing that the £40 sequel was such a huge detached turd monster was not only sad but very disappointing.

Rise of nightmares

Again didn’t buy it so it couldn’t make the list but by god was this shitty! Oh I played this one alright at gamefest and the 10 mins struggling with the controls clumsy combat, and FPS level design from the very early 90’s (more wolfenstien than doom), I had decided that this game, like kinect, can happily rest at the bottom of a sewerage pit.

Now for the actual winners!

4: Duke Nukem Forever

I honestly didn’t want to put this on the list when I know that there is worse, much worse out there than this game. However Duke Nukem Forever has to be the worst game that I’ve put down £65 for, and certainly the worst that I’ve bought on launch day (and got stoked for).

But that all said however DNF’s issue is that it’s an epic fail really was it’s time in development hell. No game after 15 years of development is going to be any good, nor is it going to play well or look good, and DNF sure as hell doesn't and we where all stupid for thinking otherwise. We where also rather over the top when it came to ripping on the game too because of this. It’s still far from a good game but also quite off from the steaming shit pile of shit that the ranting crowds where saying it was.

DNF is dated, old and withered nothing more. Four years back and it would have got a pass for it’s efforts, now it’s standard to sub par and the only thing that prevents it falling into utter obscurity is the title character and the games rep. Had it been any thing else it would have just been forgotten by now.

Sure we all got suckered into buying it on launch day, but after the decade and a half that it was in production we had at least some closure. It’s a better excuse for being suckered into buying crap on launch day than the next game on my list.

3: Dead island.

Fuck this game! Seriously fuck it! Yeah we got suckered into buy the trash that was DNF, but at the same time at least we had closure to what was and still is one of the longest running sad story’s in gaming. After enduring it for so long we just had to see if it had been worth it at the end of the day. Dead Island, people flocked to it like mindless sheep after being suckered like twats by a really nice teaser trailer.

I mean hey check this out!

I didn’t that just scream, tragic, thought provoking and highly emotional, survival horror?

So what did we get, nothing of the sort, instead the innocent family resort is transformed into to hole like Hedonism II, and gone are families and ordinary folks trying to survive against the bloodthirsty hordes, and in come the doe eyed drugged and drunk pricks. You don’t care or I certainly didn’t care if anyone survived this zombie nightmare, and that’s never a good start to any horror story, even worse when that the player characters are just the same.

Oh and couple that with piss poor dated graphics, lifeless dated character models, craptastic animation, gameplay and combat from the devils arse that makes it more of a chore than a pleasure to play, terrible driving sections, and dull fetch quest on dull fetch quest.

Oh and everything on this fucking island was made of Styrofoam as well considering how often and quickly weapons break (two swings nearly always enough). Even worse character weapon sets (those for the specialist choice of your character) never show up until late in the game.

I got fed up with this game quickly, very quickly and the only redeeming thing about it was that I paid jack shit pounds and fuck all pence for it.

2: Homefront

Oh boy what do I have to say about this pile of dog shit? Well actually first of all if you boiled it down to pure mechanics then it would have just been CoD ripoff 538, in at least terms of gameplay. In fact it would have just been a clunky dunderheaded CoD with shit AI and rather too stiff gunplay if wasn’t for the premise, the fucking insulting premise.

Look I get invasion USA type stuff, I get that there is some kind of horror that goes with watching the safe suburban landscape of mum’s apple pie USA getting torn up by open warfare. However my brain also says that to accept this situation it must be one of two things, either that this is some kind of alternate reality or history situation where the US of A is way not the military superpower that it was and still is and open to a land based invasion, or a situation so batshit insane that it’s more if anything a darkly comic situation (e.g. Red Alert 2).

If anything tries to suggest that this COULD happen now or in the past then it needs beating round the fucking head with a shovel. So take a stab in which camp Homefront is in? Pass me a paddle please!

But it’s just sick, from the start, the very fucking start atrocities are being constantly shoved in your fucking face. People being rounded up for work in slave labour camps, parents shot in front of their children, executions in the streets, mass burials of the executed, and general genocide on a mass scale. It’s all designed to tug at heart strings, and make you grab a star spangled banner climb to the top of the nearest mountain and scream “WOLVERINES” at the top of your voice.

Oh and when it isn’t trying to get overly patriotic, then it’s taking predicable or strange turns. It goes without saying that the happy little resistance hideout that you see early on gets found out and burnt to a crisp (and if it came to a shock to you please impale your face on a wooden spike), or trying to make you feel sorry for the North Korean soldiers when they get savagely toyed with executed by some survivalists for kicks. Yeah I was really going to feel sorry for them, try fucking indifference it’s more on the mark.

Oh and that pointed out the last reason to hate this well pile of hate, North Korea, seriously? North fucking Korea? OK a silly situation I could get, or some alternate reality where they won the war that started in the 1950’s (it’s still techincally ongoing) then stomped over asia and the USSR. However this takes place in the current day in some future “it could happen here” bullcrap and plays to the current political situation.

Hey newsflash John Milius! The south Koreans know the north is a shit hole and they in no way could be convinced by the North to let go of that democracy thing that works for the communism of the North that just doesn't work. Then there is the North Korean army, air force, and navy that are mostly all composed of outdated and aging soviet era gear, suffers supply issues (mostly petroleum, tank battalions only train once a year due to a lack of gas), and even it’s soldiers are mostly stunted due to the famines that have occurred in the country. Why do you think they want even simple nukes so badly? Oh and then there is the issue of well famine, sickness and starvation. North Korea can hardly feed it’s own people let alone conquer the world, and even if they did the empires lifespan could be mesured in seconds.

Homefront is just flat out retarded and insulting, and even decided to end on a bullshit undecided open note in the hope for a sequel, but only served to piss me off more than it already had.

1: Mindjack

Mindjack, oh Mindjack where do I even start with such a mess like this? In fact maybe I should start by saying that all the above games all had ONE and maybe just one good thing going for them. DNF had at least John St John back as Duke, and apparently the DLC campaign is isn’t that bad, Dead Island had at least an original setting, and homefront at least if I switched my brain off was at least passible as a braindead shooter. Mindjack has nothing, utterly NOTHING in the way of redemption.

It’s gameplay sucks, it’s graphics and animation suck, it’s enemies suck, it’s multiplayer and multiplayer gimmick suck shit on toast, it’s bosses are broken, it’s weapons don’t work, it’s story is a utter mess, the characters have NO character, it’s OST is nothing is on par with a guy pressing a single key on a old casio keyboard, the AI is so thick that I am surprised they didn’t just let the game characters shoot themselves in the feet, and best of all it can’t even get the options screen right! How the fuck do you make a mess of the options screen!

You know I’ve played a lot of crap over the years, but so rare that I see such shit now pass out at all on retail. The last time must have been the nearly as abysmal vampire rain (and I only suffered the demo thank god), and even that had some OK or just passible stealth to it. This is just utter incompetence, how square green lit this dung pile as a major full priced retail game will forever boggle my mind.

Oh and at £5 I was over charged for it too by at least £45 go figure that out.


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