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My best games of 2011 (inc. personal GOTY)
Mathiz curious
alexf0x wrote in gamingfurs
Now I have to admit that this list was a lot harder to write than the list of worst game. It's not that I am hash critic that takes pleasure in ripping horrid games apart, but simply these games where all very much on the level, excellent bar none but at at the same time just fall short of being outright classics. After some long and hard thought on the subject I have put the best four in some order. That said we have to start with....

Honorable mention.


OK I will admit that I've been unfair to the elder scrolls games. I do recall Arena and dagger fall getting hammered back in the day, and I really didn't take to morrowind. That said due to the steam sale I did try and enjoyed Oblivion, and Skyrim should be on par if not exceed that. However as of writing my collectors Skyrim is still boxed and sitting in my room, and putting it on a best of list would be a bit unfair to say the least, even if it would rock the list below.

And now the list....

4. Deus EX: Human revolution.

I know that I will take flack for putting this at the on five position, however it is at personal choice and honestly on reflection it is the deserved position. You see while the game was very good well constructed, and had an excellent thought provoking story it also fell in the shadow of the first game that while dated was still by far more epic in scope. Also the first game got the multiple solution to every problem thing right while this game options at time are limited, and despite the advertising you had to play through the game via the adaptive path or be boned by some bosses or game sections.

It's a shame as I enjoyed the game from the start to its finish.

3. LA Noire

This goes straight over the top of Deus EX just on the count that it was so original. This game was much more than a GTA in fedora hats, this was the return of the adventure game, repackaged and rethought for this current generation of games. LA Norie had an amazing story, acting (the game was fully motion captured), and very original gameplay. I was engrossed in the game from start to finished, so why is it only #4 on my list?

While the game is original enough to be much higher the touted interrogation sections where too easy, the story did end on a slight downer, and yes I am well aware of the problems behind the scenes with the games lead being a total cock, the uncredited members of the dev team, and yes the sad closure of team bondi as a result.

However you should still play this game if you haven't already.

2: Portal 2

I lost sleep waiting for this game to come out and I got up at 5am in the morning just to play it following it's surprise and original release on steam. Oh and it was worth it so worth it.

Everything was and is better than the game that I played back in 2008, and it's not often that a sequel now manages to do that. Oh and the extended story twisted and turned so much it was really enjoyable, which is amazing considering that this is really a puzzle game at heart.

I have to admit that I haven't played much of the multiplayer but what little I have shows a commitment to ideas & innovation. Which is more than can be said about other previously single player games that have had multiplayer modes tacked on at the whim of marketing men (bioshock 2 & AC brotherhood I am looking at you).

1: Batman Arkham city

I got pumped for this, and it delivered. A far bigger and better experience than Arkham asylum even if some of the very minor faults weren't corrected. It's also the best sandbox game that I've ever played with lots to do and lots to explore while never straying too far from the plot. My only real gripe was that they over egged the villains roster so much that even some of the main characters, ones that where promised for this game only got cameo appearances.

Still I was gripped in the same way that the first game did two years back, and that is no bad thing.

So Batman Arkham city is my game of the .....

Yeah I was going to hand GOTY to batman a decision that frankly I had to really debate on due to how closely on par it was with Portal 2, but then with two days to go until the end of the year I unboxed my collectors edition of Skyrim (I started to pen this before new years before you ask). Within an hour of playing I saw what all the fuss was about, it's one of the most beautiful most well put together RPG's that I've ever played. Oh and since I started playing it has had me utterly gripped. This people *IS* game of the year without a shadow of a doubt.

However I still feel guilty at giving it that title, and promotion from Honorable mention to winner even though it's head and shoulders over everything else this year.

So in turn Batman AC is the best game that I played at launch, but Skyrim takes home full "game of the year honours", even though I only started to play it in the dying embers of 2011.


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