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Gaming resolutions 2011
alexf0x wrote in gamingfurs
Going to keep this quick since I have other things to talk about but this is still the new year and time for resolutions. I have made three for gaming this year.

1.Get a PS 3

I admit that the ps3 was a the bottom of the list of consoles of this generation for me to own for two reasons. One a poor view on Sony on my part and a stupid price tag for the system (not to mention that for the long time all it had was games already available on the 360.

That said a recent run of good exclusives & the odd superior version means more that ever I am compelled to look into the format.

2. Upgrade PC

My PC has done well for a system that is now two and a half years old*, and only had a few video card changes along the way. However in places it is slowly starting to look a little long in the tooth, mostly on the processor and memory front (it's still a 32bit system).

Will look at getting a i5 or i7 grade system overhaul at some time this year. More so before windows 8 (yuck!) arrives.

3. Do a monthly or bi monthly editorial on LJ / Gamingfurs.

I didn't review that many games last year, and I wish that I did but I got very overwhelmed by the shear number of games to play or AAA titles that came out.

Even if I don't get to review a game then it's still a chance for me to put out an opinion on something that is going on in the world of gaming, or some of the big titles or events. There was too much that I missed out on during 2011 and frankly I don't want to do that again.

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Do you subscribe to any gaming magazines?

Used to. Way back, possibly ten years ago I was "prescribed" to PC Zone when i was a much bigger PC gamer than I am now. I chucked the subscription in though back in 2005 or 06 though when I found that I was playing less on the system and when it was getting too expensive. Good time to leave as well considering that poor old PC Zone took a nose dive in quality at that point (mind you most of it's good writers had moved on by that point, inc one Charile Brooker).

I still read GAMEStm mostly via it's iPad editions, but to be honest with the currently state of commercial games criticie being whored out positive reviews, or just plain bland and insipid, I tend just to read the previews and retro sections before moving on.

Oh and if you are wondering about the use of editorial, well it's just a term. Article or colloum might of been a better choice of word. That said I will still try to pen something every month for this end of Live journal.

I used to get EGM, because it was industry wide rather than console specific, but over time I just stopped reading it. No reason, I guess cuz I moved and didn't renew the subscription.

We don't have EGM (or a variant) in the UK but doing some reading up it seemed to have had a style that was on par with PC Zone, and quite a few of the other 80's/90's computer and console mags like CVG, Mean Machines, Nintendo Magazine System (still going as official Nintendo Magazine), Your Sinclair, crash, and Zero.

Seeing that I do a lot of my gaming now on more than one format (mostly the 360 but I've been playing a lot more PC games thanks to the raping of my wallet that are the regular sales on steam) I tend to read more multiformat magazines than anything system biased. That said however, most of that journalism is also the dry and oh so serious type which I am not a big fan of. As I said is it little wonder why I shoot right to the back pages for the RETRO section of the mag.

EGM was multiplatform, even though I am mainly a playstation user, I found the magazine to be helpful to cover my portable gaming needs as well as the other systems I did own. It was and probably still is a handy magazine.

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