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Gundam Simulator
relee wrote in gamingfurs
When I was a little kid, This is what I thought the future of gaming would be like.

Well, I thought that the 'cockpit' would have integrated controls and readouts instead of having them be part of the screen, and I thought it would be Mechwarrior, but damn, this Gundam simulator is more like Mechwarrior than any Gundam game I've ever seen.

Anywho yeah, with head tracking this sort of thing is extra awesome. You could even make it with 'windows' that look real, if you wanted to go the extra mile.

I always figured there'd be arcades full of a couple dozen cockpits like this, and you'd rent them for parties and things like laser tag or paintball. Well, that future isn't exactly here yet, but it's nice to see them taking steps towards it.